Business Email Addresses

Business Email Addresses  

1.4 million business email addresses  with true decision making contacts along with their phone number and mailing address. The 1.4 million business email addresses span 2,700 business types so you can select the type of business you need to target very easily.

The business email addresses are opt in, in that they have consented to have their details released so that you can market to them.  Strict Direct Marketing Association best practice guidelines are followed which although not a legal obligation (at the time of writing this) are a best practice industry standard.  What's the point of emailing someone if they have stated that they do not want email communication?


  • Decision Making Contact
  • Email Address for contact
  • Business Name
  • Postal Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Employee Size
  • Turnover
  • 250 other fields are available such as premise type

* most senior collected for site is a free field.  85% of our records have a senior contact name but we cannot guarantee this so we provide the contact name without charge. Telephone numbers are provided where available (normally 95% completion).


All of the Business Email Addresses will have been telephone verified to confirm the details before release to you, this ensures the information is current and that the companies are trading & contacts are valid.  The mailing address and record will have been verified prior to release.  The address will also have been checked against the Royal Mail's very latest Postal Address File.


Compared to the cost of stationery, print and design, the cost of our emails is relative at £0.40 per business record.  The price will reduce down to £150 per thousand if you reduce the number of fields you take.  These prices are accurate based on the time of writing.  A formal quote and count will be compiled before any commitment by either party is made.


The data will be released in a Comma Separated Variable (CSV) format so that it opens in Excel, Word and many other software applications.  If you prefer the data can be sent in an alternate format (let us know once you've ordered and we will do our best to supply in the format you need free of charge).  The Business Email Addresses can be downloaded from our site or emailed  after ordering.


Rather than take the entire Business Email Addresses file (there are over 1.4 million in the UK) you can select by a specific area such as a Postcode or County and by business classifications, employee size and turnover.  There are an additional 2700 or so business types to select by.

Records can be used for sales and marketing as they will be screened against the latest MPS and TPS services prior to supply (included in the price). 

Don't worry, if you don't have the time or can't see what you need then let our team do the work for you - for FREE.  We have thousands of other business types and list sources and over 40 years experience so why not simply tell us what you're looking for?

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