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List of Garden Centres UK

List of Garden Centres UK

The very latest list of Garden Centres UK that can be used for direct marketing including direct mail and telesales activities. Prior to supply, the list of Garden Centres UK will be screened against the very latest Mailing & Telephone preference files as well as our own 'do not contact' file. 
This leaves you with a list of every Garden Centre in the UK! 

Garden centres in the UK sell plants, compost, fertilizers, tools and garden furniture such as statues, furniture and garden ornaments. Most garden centres have branched out and sell pet products and household products such as small furniture and Christmas related products.


Data Fields

  • Contact Name*
  • Business Name
  • Full Postal Address
  • Telephone Number*

* most senior collected for site is a free field.  85% of our records have a senior contact name but we cannot guarantee this so we provide the contact name without charge. Telephone numbers are provided where available (normally 95% completion).


All of the records we supply will have been telephone verified to confirm the details we release to you.  This ensures the information is current and that the Garden Centre UK is trading.


The mailing address and record will have been verified prior to release.  The address will also have been checked against the Royal Mail's very latest Postal Address File.


The data can be released in any format you like.  The list of Garden Centres UK can be downloaded from our site and emailed (a link will be sent to you as soon as your payment clears, often within seconds).


Rather than take the entire list of Garden Centres UK (there are over 1,640 Garden Centre UK businesses in the UK) you can select the Garden Centres UK that operate from a specific area such as a Postcode or County.  In addition you can request certain employee sizes or turnovers.  There are an additional 250 or so fields to use when refining the list you require.

Here are just some of the 2,700 lists that we can offer:

  • Garden Centres UK
  • Garden Designers
  • Garden Equipment Retailers
  • Garden Equipment Suppliers
  • Garden Furniture & Ornaments
  • Garden Play Equipment
  • Garden Services
  • Garden & Leisure

We've listed what we believe to be the most appropriate related business types to Garden Centres UK.  If you find that your business category isn't listed then please let us know as it's likely that we hold the list you want on our database - we've over 2,700 other business types!  Don't worry, if you don't have the time or can't see what you need then let our team do the work for you - for FREE.  We have thousands of other business types and list sources and over 40 years experience so why not simply tell us what you're looking for?