Car Repair List

UK Business List

The definitive car repair / repairers list; every manufacturer approved car dealer in the UK!  Our car dealership file is maintained in-house with the cooperation of the UK car dealer network and manufacturing industry.

The car repair / repairers list consists of just manufacturer approved car dealer networks, authorised to carry our service and repair on specific makes and models of vehicle.  The list of approved garages is updated daily.  The list is ideal for marketing purposes and is reliable, consistent and comprehensive!

Car Repair

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The car repair / repairers list is updated from primary sources daily but released to existing customers every 6 months. This means that any specific record within the file could be anything from 1 day to six months old.  If you require a more frequent supply of the file then this can be arranged for a bespoke fee.  

All of the records we supply will have been telephone verified prior to release.  This ensures the information is current and that the Car Dealer / Dealership or Garage is trading.

File Statistics & Data Fields Included

  • Format: Comma Separated Variable
  • Volume: 7,362 records
  • Sales Facility Address: 6,520 records
  • Body Shop Address: 7,135 records
  • Business Name: 7,362 records
  • Address: 7,362 records
  • Postcode: 7,342 records
  • Telephone Number: 7,281 records
  • Fax Number: 5,700 records
  • Alternate Telephone Number: 39 records
  • X&Y Grid References: 7,362 records
  • Contacts: 552 records
  • Email: 317 records
  • Web Site: 229 records
  • Warranties - Name of Manufacturer:  7,362 records
  • National 100 meter Grid Reference: 7,342 records


The mailing address and record will have been verified prior to release.  The address will also have been checked against the Royal Mail's very latest Postal Address File.


The car repair / repairers list will be released as a CSV (Comma Separated Variable) file which opens in Excel, Word and a host of other software applications including almost every database application.  If you need a specific format please ask for it during the order process and we will be happy to accommodate you.  Only authorised car repair / repairers are included on the Car Repair file!  Also, by approved we mean that a car manufacturer has awarded a "manufacturer approved" status to the dealership who is know able to carry out service and or repair of the manufacturers vehicles. Records on the file may appear duplicated but this is not the case as car dealer service centres and the show rooms often appear as separate records within the file.

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